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Pressure on Facility Managers has been steadily mounting: To minimize costs, strategically downsize, reduce carbon emissions, and modernize siloed IT landscapes. All while ensuring your workplace continues to cater to your employees’ needs as well as it can, so they feel valued, content, and productive in their daily work.

With hybrid working patterns and increasingly strict corporate sustainability requirements on the agenda, the FM stakes are even higher. So how can Facility Managers effectively oversee all the assets and data that make up their complex FM ecosystem?

Introducing the IWMS, for future-ready FM

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMSs) offer a one-stop solution. Housing centralized data on your full range of FM assets behind a single user-friendly interface, they’re the future of FM.

But with multiple solutions out there to choose from, you’ll want to make sure you’re making the right choice for your organization’s specific needs. Will you need to build your IWMS around existing IT foundations? Which integrations will you need to prioritize? How will you leverage your IWMS to streamline employee onboarding and vendor management? These are just a few of the key questions to bear in mind — and we’ve created the ultimate IWMS Buyer Guide to help.

What to expect from the IWMS Buyer Guide?

Designed to assist you in identifying the ideal FM software solution for your workplace, the Buyer Guide compiles a detailed overview of what leading IWMS solutions have to offer.

We’ll explore the key elements of a top IWMS:

  • Soft services: Creating an employee-centric workplace with your IWMS
  • Hard services: The backbone of your business
  • Data insights: Owning your data means you’re in control
  • Integration: One location for all your employees’ needs

We’ll also cover the practical benefits of each of these IWMS features in action, through detailed scenarios that bring the advantages of an IWMS to life. These illustrate the potential of the right IWMS to transform your workplace — from preventive maintenance to smart utilities, it’s all about enhancing your employee experience, while streamlining FM expenditure.

Why read the Buyer Guide?

✓ Identify the right FM solution for your company
✓ Enhance your employee experience to attract top talent
✓ Optimize vendor management and corporate sustainability tracking
✓ Save time and costs with a data-driven overview of soft and hard FM assets

For forward-thinking organizations dedicated to building a workplace of the future, an IWMS is a key ally to consider. Better still, if your organization already uses ServiceNow, you’re already a step towards transforming your FM. Find out more in the Buyer Guide.

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