Tired of juggling multiple vendors? Start streamlining today with a SIAM Quickscan

Managing a multi-vendor landscape is an inherently complex job. Smooth, mutually beneficial collaboration across all stakeholders is what every organization is aiming for, to maximize profits, bolster progress and, ultimately, improve service for clients and end users.  

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is the tool your organization needs to craft that multi-vendor utopia. But where to start?

Take our SIAM Quickscan to find out in 5 minutes.    

How does the Quickscan work? 

The SIAM Quickscan is designed to provide a global picture of the current state of your organization’s multi-vendor landscape. The questions are selected from a wider assessment pool used to map out full-scale SIAM strategies. The Quickscan covers 3 key themes: Service Integration, Management and Customer Focus.   

Service Integration (SI): To what extent are processes and services in your multi-vendor landscape in order and aligned to deliver maximum value?     

Management (M): To what extent is your organization able to manage collaboration between multiple vendors and (internal) service providers?   

Customer Focus (CF): To what extent is your organization able to (continue to) offer added value to your IT customers?    

Your Quickscan results will form a basis for an informed, pragmatic approach to deploying SIAM in your organization. At DXC, we channel these results into a full assessment of your ‘as-is’ vendor landscape. From there, we develop a SIAM strategy tailored to your organization’s specific characteristics and requirements.

Start the Quickscan now!