Foundation for the digital enterprise

Use IT to automate your IT management and start your digital transformation with IT4IT.


The dynamics in the IT landscape have increased enormously in recent years. IT organizations need to be prepared to manage the new IT and to shape the digital transformation (e.g. managing the cloud, big data, multi-vendor ecosystem).

The Open Group has introduced a new standard for this in order to offer a guideline for setting up a modern IT organisation that is able to shape the digital ambitions of the business. The IT4IT forum was set up by IT organizations and IT suppliers in order to create a standard IT management model together with customers and suppliers that makes it possible to optimally manage the new IT. IT4IT is an acronym that stands for all the IT needed to manage IT services. In other words: use IT to automate IT management.

Shell, ING, Rabobank, NS and ABN AMRO and other organisations show significant improvements in the IT delivery processes, focusing on faster delivery at lower costs and higher quality with IT4IT.

In this whitepaper we give you insight in:
  • The added value of IT4IT
  • The origin and need for IT4IT
  • How IT4IT is applied
  • The IT4IT transformation plan