A pragmatic approach

Methodology to gradually implement a process framework



Creating a multivendor outsourcing landscape has great benefits as it allows a “best of breed” approach and offers flexibility in choosing suppliers. To integrate all these suppliers and services into a single business-facing IT-organization, the SIAM (Service Integration and Management) framework has been around as a solution for a few years.

Although the framework and its concepts are logical and promise great rewards, the implementation of a SIAM framework is something a lot of organizations struggle to achieve. Sometimes this is due to a lack of knowledge, time, or budget but a common reason is underestimating the impact on the organization and the additional requirements needed in terms of process maturity and employee capabilities.

This paper describes how to start working with a SIAM framework in a multivendor service delivery model with a limited set of processes with varied maturity. It describes a gradual build of a mature process framework and also how to compensate for the lack of processes and process maturity during this building period.

This paper is a must read for everybody that knows SIAM is a great solution within a multivendor landscape but has not yet gotten a concrete answer on the question “yes, but how?”