4 features to look for in Facility Management software

Sylvia de Wit
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With myriad options on the market, selecting the best Facility Management software for your organization can be quite the task.

Here, we’ve outlined 4 key elements to look for in leading Facility Management software, to ensure your workplace gains maximum benefit from its implementation.

Feature #1: Enhance productivity with a space management module

The space reservation functionalities included in leading FM software solutions enable your employees to book their preferred workspaces — or work zones for their entire team — quickly and easily.

Automatic workspace reservations also ensure employees don’t need to book a space every day. The system simply reserves their preferred spot for them when they’re in the office and makes it available for others to utilize when they’re working from home, on leave, or simply off-site for a time.

Space reservation via FM software also extends to helping employees ensure they can regularly access a workspace that meets their personal preferences. Various screens, proximity to a window, a standing desk, and so on — all to optimize their comfort and productivity.

Feature #2: Maintain control of your facility data collection

Owning your facility data collection process enables you to accurately analyze the service levels you’re receiving from your external providers and vendors. Tracking timelines and solution quality enables you to easily monitor whether your vendors are meeting your SLAs, guiding informed decision-making when it comes to renewing, negotiating, or terminating your contracts.

If you do choose to move providers, having ownership of your facility data means you won’t lose your historical information once your contract ends. A long-term view of your FM data is vital for trend analysis to inform strategic, cost-saving decisions. Perhaps you’ve logged multiple incidents with specific air conditioning units? With a long-term incident overview, you can justify the decision to replace them with a different model.

Similarly, rapid access to your own real-time Facility Management data enables you to monitor incidents per building or vendor service on your premises, guiding efficient resolutions. But if your vendors own this data, requesting the insights you need from them can involve time-consuming report requests.

Furthermore, maintaining control of your Facility Management data ensures it’s only as visible as you want it to be. Employee names, number plates, visitor credentials, security clearances, and so on are sensitive details — access to which needs to be carefully monitored.

Feature #3: Select FM software with sustainability capabilities

Leading FM software solutions enable converting your organizational operations into their CO2 equivalents, supporting you to meet corporate reporting requirements and to enhance your sustainability strategy over time.

On a quarterly or annual basis, for example, you might log kilometers driven by your company fleet, gas and electricity usage per country in which you operate, paper usage per department, and so on.

Feature #4: Enhance employee experience via an intuitive user interface

An intuitive user interface is a key aspect of enabling improved workplace experience through your FM software. Via mobile and desktop, your employees should be able to rapidly and easily log and change vendor orders (catering, dry cleaning, etc.), workspace bookings, external visits, and more.

Let’s explore two quick in-action examples:

Per workspace location, top FM software can enable you to include detailed information on the catering products available, ingredients, nutritional information, and allergens. Employees can check these details prior to ordering, to ensure their and their guests’ requirements are met.

For parking spaces, leading FM software can also enable inputting the specifics of each employee’s vehicle. Number plate recognition ensures they have automatic access, a parking space that fits their vehicle’s dimensions, and access to an e-vehicle charging station, if needed.

Experience what FM software can do for your workplace

At DXC, we’ve designed our Ask James Facility Management software to deliver on these 4 core needs, and many more.

To explore Ask James in action, you can request a demo from our team here.

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