IT4IT UbanQ simulation game

IT4IT simulation game

The IT world is changing fast. Not only technology, but also the way IT organizations & teams organize their processes and work. A ‘New Way of Working’ is on the agenda of many organizations.IT4IT_UBanQ-Logo

The UBanQ Business Simulation Game is a powerful way to experience the transformation journey that many IT organizations are going through. It can help to create a dialogue and awareness of what needs to be done to transition to a new IT operating model enabling to deliver better, faster and cheaper with lower risk. In this game you learn how IT4IT can help you to improve IT organization as a whole. 

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • An explosion of fragmented, siloed tools to plan, build, deploy and manage increasingly complex services.
  • A need to integrate end-to-end data required to deliver and manage services into one shared ‘backbone’ of information?
  • The need to work in value streams that link all end-to-end activities in the IT chain, in order to realize more customer value?
  • The need to manage the huge business
  • Demand and use the available capacity efficiently without increasing costs or risks?

The IT world is changing fast

Not only technology, but also the way IT organizations & teams organize their processes and work. A ‘New Way of Working’ is on the agenda of many organizations.There are many powerful frameworks to support this ‘New Way of Working’, such as ITIL®, COBIT, DevOps, BISL® to name but a few. They all focus on one or more aspects of the IT Service. But, how can we link all these practices, methods, frameworks and approaches into one working ‘model’? A model in which data is shared, accurate, relevant, timely, complete and which supports and enables the value stream? What all of these frameworks have in common is that they support a series of key activities aimed at design, build, implement and support / manage (new) services. A challenge is to ensure that all teams working in the IT organization have the same focus and work with the same integrated set of accurate data in order to avoid errors, waste and frustration.IT4IT is a very powerful framework that will help organizations solve these challenges.

This business simulation UbanQ will support organizations in their journey to learn more about IT4IT.
Or to implement IT4IT in their own organization.


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About the IT4IT Business Simulation UbanQ

This simulation will take you through 4 rounds of learning experiences in which you need to run your day to day tasks as an IT team, but also implement IT4IT aspects. We call these aspects ‘IT4IT Building Blocks’. After implementing these building blocks you will be rewarded with a variety of new ‘tools’ that make your IT Services faster, cheaper and better. Examples are Service Automation solutions, shared and connected databases, automated design and testing solutions, vendor integration and monitoring tools.


Welcome to UbanQ

You are one of the employees of this new and innovative bank. This bank is one of many digital banks in the world. But UBanQ claims to be different, their aim is to become one of the top 3 banks in the world. For this, they must change their way of working and they have decided to start using the IT4IT principles to make their IT Products and Services cheaper, faster and better.Your role is to run the day-to-day business of this bank, implement the challenging new Features and Services and adopt and embed this new way of working based on IT4IT.

IT4IT_game_ubanq_simulation-gameIn each round the team will receive new 'work' such as: New Demands and Requests from the business, aimed at generating more revenue and attracting more customers. Issues, Defects or Events which causes downtime, lowering customer satisfaction as well as the image and reputation of the bank. Emerging Technology to support and enable innovation.

The team will also need to plan the Improvement Actions to implement the IT4IT Building Blocks, or actions to avoid or reduce incidents by deploying Problem Management capabilities. But how can we prioritize all this work when we have limited resource capacity and if a significant part of this workload is filled with manual work and waste?

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The UbanQ IT4IT business simulation game helps employees better understand how to improve their own way of working from where they are now (traditional Service Management) towards a more Agile Service Management approach. Not as a large implementation project but in small incremental steps and based on their own motivation.

The team runs an innovative bank that wants to become one of the leading banks in the world; UBANQ. They must deal with a growing demand of new services and features from the business, solve issues and events, deal with new emerging technology and deal with defects. Together with this, the team must find time and capacity to implement so called ‘IT4IT Building Blocks’ to implement the IT4IT aspects. If they do well, UBANQ will achieve their goals!

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