IT modernization: Future-proof your scale and agility

Rapidly adapt, scale and go to market with modernized IT

Future-proof your scale and agility

IT modernization is your path to staying ahead of the competition. To rapidly adapt to market changes and efficiently pursue new business models, IT organizations need digital services, agile processes and reliable business intelligence. What’s more, effective IT modernization doesn’t just focus on the “engine room” of your organization.
People, capabilities and processes are just as — or even more — important. Providing what the business wants, when the business needs it: ultimate agility is the aim! With so much at stake, the process of modernizing your IT infrastructure and creating the architecture you need to make that happen can be overwhelming.
At DXC, we make the process manageable by starting with an IT4IT Capability Scan. This creates a unique, actionable blueprint to shape your organization’s IT future. Find out more below.

The path to IT modernization: 4 key success factors

For most organizations, IT modernization is a journey from traditional platforms and processes to a modern IT estate and a new operating model. Although modernization activities follow a natural sequence, your organization might focus on a specific stage of the journey, or work on all four factors simultaneously.

1. Align IT with business

Aligning IT and business strategies within your organization is a crucial first step. You’ll determine which modernization strategies fit your overall business strategy, find opportunities to align with that vision and develop a solid plan.


  • Detailed alignment and scenario planning
  • Deeper understanding of ROI
  • Investment in future cost savings, flexibility and business acceleration
  • Ongoing business-IT evaluation of plans, feedback and metrics to shape modernization

2. Simplify and optimize IT

Complex, aging IT estates run up costs, impede quality and slow change. A technology refresh optimizes for cost through automation, leveraging secure IT outsourcing and streamlining systems, services and data.


  • Run-rate cost savings of up to 30% via outsourcing
  • Continual optimization via automated workload management tools
  • Drive innovative service development
  • Cloud migration for agility and security

3. Modernize applications and data

Implementing a workload placement strategy for hybrid environments often presents technical and financial barriers. A productive solution is justifying the business case for each individual application, modernizing or transforming applications, then retiring them.


  • Upfront cost savings via application rationalization
  • Modernize and transform for speed, agility and ongoing savings
  • Deploy a cloud-based operating model
  • Efficiently manage security, performance and financial requirements

4. Operate and secure hybrid at scale

In a modern hybrid IT environment, you can continuously innovate, provision IT assets on demand and provide consumption elasticity while eliminating IT’s traditional fixed assets. You’ll develop new strategies for managing hybrid on- and off-premise resources, including the cloud.


  • Integrated operations, with intelligent automation at scale
  • Leverage analytics, AI and lean processes
  • Secure ecosystem with encrypted data and role verification
  • Monitor data traffic for cloud-to-edge awareness, compliance, audit and response

ServiceNow: Our IT modernization toolset

When it comes to IT modernization for enterprise organizations, ServiceNow is a key ally. By leveraging ServiceNow to understand exactly what you’re using, spending and — crucially — wasting in your IT ecosystem, your path to streamlined IT modernization falls into place.
  • Optimize employee-centric service provision 
  • Strategically redirect investments — and gain crucial buy-in
  • Calibrate consumption, and save money as a result
  • Proactively mitigate risk

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A solid action plan for platforms and people

Successful IT modernization doesn’t simply focus on optimizing your organization's technical landscape. People, capabilities and processes also need to be prioritized.


DXC Making IT modernization manageble

Making your IT modernization manageable

Modernizing your IT estate has the potential to transform your business. Not only that, but it’s vital to ensure its long-term success. As a result, kicking off such a large-scale, high-stakes project can be daunting. At DXC, our experts strive to make sure your IT modernization is planned and executed in bite-size, manageable stages.

DXC More than the right tools for IT modernization

There’s more to IT modernization than the right tools

It’s vital to consider people, capabilities and processes throughout your IT modernization process. From gaining buy-in from key internal decision-makers to supporting the employees who’ll see your IT estate evolve, our DXC experts deliver tailored change management strategies to see your IT modernization succeed.

DXC manageable plan for  IT modernization

From monumental challenge, to manageable plan

With your technical ecosystem set for overhaul, and optimizations across people, capabilities and processes to implement, IT modernization can feel overwhelming. To ease our clients in — and set them up for success — we’ve developed the IT4IT Capability Scan.

The IT4IT Capability Scan: Actioning your IT modernization plan

As IT modernization represents such a significant undertaking, it can be tricky to generate momentum for change, and gain critical buy-in. To put IT modernization at the top of the agenda, what you really need is a low-risk, low-commitment way to demonstrate IT4IT’s value to the internal decision-makers that count.
To meet that need, our experts have designed the IT4IT Capability Scan. By breaking your IT modernization down into small, highly focused and achievable steps, it’s the perfect low-stakes introduction to IT4IT. And, unlike the usual detached consultants’ assessments, it provides practical, actionable guidance that’s fully tailored to your organization’s priorities and people. With the IT4IT Capability Scan, you’ll lay solid foundations for a manageable IT modernization, and start off on the right foot.

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