ESG management with ServiceNow

Drive business efficiencies and innovation by elevating your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data collection, management, and reporting to new heights with DXC and ServiceNow. 


In a world where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are at the forefront of business strategy, harnessing and interpreting ESG data has become a pivotal driver of success. It's not just about compliance; it's about making informed decisions that impact your organization's sustainability, reputation, and bottom line.

Simplify ESG management and reporting

At DXC, we understand the challenges and intricacies of managing ESG data. We also recognize the tremendous opportunities it presents, and the importance of choosing the right partner and tool to lead in ESG management and reporting. This is where ServiceNow steps in as your game-changer. Simplify data collection, access on-demand progress monitoring, and experience the efficiency of automated reporting.

Overcome your ESG challenges with the right partner

At DXC, we offer a comprehensive ESG data management solution designed to address your specific ESG data management and reporting challenges. By leveraging the power of DXC and ServiceNow, we provide:

Data standardization

Streamline data collection, structure, and organization for higher-value insights.

Consulting and integration services

Expert guidance and seamless integration to ensure a smooth ESG journey.

Managed Services

Ongoing support and maintenance for your ESG data management system.

Accelerate your ESG strategy

Having a foundational data backbone is critical to effectively achieving ESG goals and being able to tell a sustainability story to stakeholders that is genuine, impactful, and reliable. We provide comprehensive solutions - including consulting, systems integration, and managed services - to help companies advance on their ESG journey.

DXC and ServiceNow possess a unique ability to assist companies to:

  • Focus on strategy: Remove administrative burden and focus on results.
  • Elevate quality: Produce high-quality reports with assurance of data integrity and audit readiness.  
  • Enhance user experience: Capture, visualize, and use data for better decision-making.
  • Simplify operations: Eliminate manual spreadsheets and drive efficiencies with a “capture once, report many” capability.  
  • Create agility: Adapt and respond quickly to evolving and increasingly regulated business climates.
esg transformation

Benefits of ESG management with ServiceNow

From an executive dashboard to automated disclosures: ServiceNow's ESG management solution is the central hub where critical insights for exceptional ESG management and reporting converge.

  1. Access your ESG data anywhere, in one place
    Establish a definitive source (ServiceNow) for all ESG and sustainability matters, objectives, metrics, and disclosures.
  2. Streamline data collection
    Automatically cluster and validate data to bolster the reliability of disclosures and prepare for audits with confidence.
  3. Drive performance excellence
    Empower your organization to seamlessly and consistently monitor progress towards ESG objectives throughout the enterprise.
  4. Effortless, on-demand reporting
    Experience streamlined ESG data validation and visualization, enabling prompt, precise, and readily accessible reporting at your convenience.

Ready to transform your ESG data collection, management, and reporting?

Contact our ESG ServiceNow Expert to learn more about how our ESG management solution with ServiceNow can help accelerate your ESG strategy and drive sustainable impact. Call us at (+31(0)88 447 4574) or fill out the form, and our ESG ServiceNow Expert will be in touch shortly.