Service Connector Application

Speed up custom interface development. Easily maintain multiple interfaces.

Service Connector ApplicationsThe Service Connector App is designed to support in quickly creating custom interfaces between the ServiceNow platform and other systems. While the ServiceNow platform itself offers many quick pre-made connectors, the Service Connector serves the need where a custom connection is required and time is crucial. Development is substantially sped up by providing a way to set up interfaces via the UI, without having to write code.


Service Connector app 2.0

On January 24th, we released an update to our ServiceNow Connector that will make creating custom interfaces between the ServiceNow platform and other systems easier. Our Service Connector App is here to help you streamline your development process, making it quick and effortless to create interfaces without the need for coding.

What's new

Enhanced bulk data handling: One of the significant improvements in this update addresses a common pain point - extracting bulk data from ServiceNow without causing system slowdowns. Our latest version solves this efficiently, ensuring smooth performance by providing an outbound bulk interface capability that can be scheduled outside office hours.

Advanced event log integration: We’ve added the capability to translate incoming messages into an event log. Data doesn’t have to be tied to a single record but can be directed to an event, facilitating better flexibility for follow-up processing outside of the interface itself.

Speed up Scripted Development

When lacking a native connector, the development of custom interfaces can be time consuming. Especially if it is meant to be a robust solution that can handle all the little technical details, send messages in the right order, provide error handling and have an intuitive overview for daily operations. The Service Connector provides a UI-based way to configure custom interfaces quickly in a codeless fashion but allows for more complex operations using scripts. A central queue provides easy tracking of all activity and an informative error handling helps determining issues during development and operation of your interfaces.


Features of the Service Connector Application

   Major ServiceNow tables within ITSM and Foundation Data can be interfaced with.
   The Service Connector can be set up to work as a case exchange, a hub between other systems or as an event receiver.
   Both enterprise industry standards of REST and SOAP are supported. Inbound and outbound interface traffic can use either freely.
   Allows for bi-directional, synchronous (instant) and asynchronous (scheduled) processing.

User Benefits

  • This application is time saving. Create custom APIs within a day! Prerequisites are a finalized design and working inter-system networking. Implementation speed also depends on the technical level of the person implementing.
  • The logging is extensive! In case something happens, easily find the issue in the central queue and its logs.
  • The configuration is data driven. Everything can be configured from the UI, no coding necessary.

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The Service Connector is a tool to speed up scripted REST API and SOAP Web Services development by providing a way to set up interfaces via the UI, without having to write code. This allows for quick iteration and prototyping as well as easier changes down the line. In addition, it adds a central queue and error handling to help development along and provide a clear and easy way to track interface activity once operational.

  • Get insight into the building blocks of the Service Connector. See how it integrates into the ServiceNow platform. Learn how easy it is to set up.
  • See the Service Connector in action using a common process such as Incident Management.
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