ServiceNow. The smarter way to make your work flow.

Accelerate your organization into the future of work

Accelerate your organization into the future of work

ServiceNow provides an adaptable application toolbox to elevate your organization with workflow automation. Boost employee productivity and engagement, manage risk and resilience in real time, and rapidly scale enterprise service management — all while reducing costs. Accelerate your digital transformation with ServiceNow: the platform of platforms.

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ServiceNow: smarter workflows for smarter business 

Workflow automation with ServiceNow helps you modernize, grow and evolve as an organization. One that takes a holistic view of its IT ecosystem, its employees and its operations, and supports them to optimize both vertically and horizontally.

DXC Making IT modernization manageble


IT Modernization

Modernize for optimal productivity, cost-saving and resilience with a single platform for IT. The automation capabilities of ServiceNow are a key asset in modernizing your IT, your way. Tailor your transformation to your strategic business goals, and future-proof your IT ecosystem. 

  • Create a culture that prioritizes agility and innovation
  • Adaptively embrace new technologies and ways of working
  • Detailed alignment and scenario planning

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Employee Experience

Satisfied employees are your organization’s most vital asset — key for both profitability and long-term health. ServiceNow enables your organization to create tailored online and offline environments, to empower your employees to bring their best to work.

  • Design intelligent automated workflows
  • Facilitate rapid, responsive access to HR, Facilities, IT and Legal
  • Enhance independence, ownership, purpose and pride in the day to day

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Operational Resilience

Operational risks come from all angles, not least from pandemic, economic, geopolitical and climate change-driven disruptions. In modern business, resilience is a key priority. With ServiceNow, you can interpret changing risk, compliance, governance and security — all in one.

  • Monitor real-time resilience and compliance by location and role
  • End the gaps, delays and overheads in typical organizational silos
  • Protect your customers, employees, products and services

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ServiceNow for custom business apps

ServiceNow apps are the gateway to enhancing your organizational processes. From off-the-shelf solutions to co-created apps that we tailor to your unique business requirements, with ServiceNow, there’s a user-friendly app for everything. It’ll save you development costs and time, too.


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ServiceNow success stories

Discover how we’ve helped our clients future-proof their operations, with rapid out-of-the-box solutions and expertly customized business apps.
Laing Orourke-1

Laing O’Rourke

As COVID-19 hit, the multinational construction firm needed accurate data to ensure worker safety, monitor cases, contact trace and keep construction sites open. Using the firm’s prior ServiceNow infrastructure, DXC created its own customized, agile COVID-19 management app

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Royal Terberg Group

Within this leading specialised vehicle provider, an IT team of 45 supports some 3,000 employees worldwide. They opted for ServiceNow to enhance their ITIL process, in line with their overarching goals of innovation, transformation, value creation and transparency.

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Lamb Weston Meijer

On a quest to become digitally fit, Lamb Weston Meijer developed DigitizeNow: an agile approach to process digitization, powered by ServiceNow. In a people-first transformation, the company implemented intelligent workflow automation across IT, Finance, HR and Facilities.

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Build, Run and Innovate Services


Advisory services:

which enable CXOs to define an overall ServiceNow strategy or advice on how to safely manoeuvre through organizational change.
  • ✓ CXO Advisory: Strategy, government, assessment
  • ✓ IT4IT Consulting Services
  • ✓ Platform Health assessment and remediation

Competitive Licensing:

which enables you to benefit from higher flexibility in your ServiceNow implementations
  • ✓ Industry-leading Lease model
  • ✓ Competitive pricing on traditional resell

Implementation services:

which are based on our extensive ServiceNow experiences, know-how and best practices
  • ✓ Turnkey implementations
  • ✓ Best-practice accelerated implementations

Managed ServiceNow:

keeps your ServiceNow environment maintained while easing challenges with platform expertise and staffing. Providing flexible and simple service-based models allowing you to match supportneeds for the ServiceNow environment in the most cost-effective way.
  • ✓ Virtual administration
  • ✓ End-to-end managed services
  • ✓ Staff augmentation
Testing and analytics ServiceNow

Testing & analytics:

enables you to analyse and support or continually improve your ServiceNow journey
  • ✓ Automated testing acceleration
  • ✓ ServiceNow analytics & support

Training & education:

which trains you on ITIL and ServiceNow best practices in public, private or virtual settings
  • ✓ ServiceNow best-practice skill sets
  • ✓ IT4IT
  • ✓ Training in public, private or virtual settings

Industry specific solutions:

Business applications developed on ServiceNow technology to help you to faster drive innovation and digitization of business processes
  • ✓ Environmental, Health and Safety Application
  • ✓ Facilities Management
  • ✓ Medical Asset Management
  • ✓ Cloud Management
  • ✓ Security Operations

Solutions beyond IT:

Facility Management, Customer Service Management, Demand Management, PPM or HR
  • ✓ Human Recources
  • ✓ GDPR

Custom Solutions:

Custom application development, Legacy system re-platforming
  • ✓ Custom application development
  • ✓ Legacy system re-platforming

Why ServiceNow?

Strategic technology investments to reinforce long-term business value. Productive, motivated employees who feel seen, valued and proud of their everyday contribution. Watertight overviews of risk and resilience, without unwelcome surprises. Costs saved on service management, that’s built to be scalable. With ServiceNow, you can make this your organization’s reality.

Leverage technology investments to reach business goals

  • Better investment decision-making
  • Increased value via aligning technology with the larger business
  • Connect investments with tangible business goals and strategies

Boost employee productivity and engagement

  • Streamline work processes and handling
  • Understand work and process context
  • Bring employee focus back to their core work, rather than administration

Manage risk and resilience in real time

  • See what’s relevant to manage and what’s already been agreed
  • Gather the right real-time data to compute risk posture and become resilient
  • Create proof points and reporting for hassle-free audits

Quickly scale enterprise service management while reducing costs

  • Use the power of scale in the platform to cater for increasing needs
  • Learn from existing setups and successes for optimal efficiency
  • Leverage information from all elements in the Change and Run chain

Realize cost and performance benefits quickly and easily 

With over 11 years of experience we provide the highest level of dedication towards transformation. Our team of 1,000+ certified ServiceNow experts work daily to globally accelerate ServiceNow based Business & IT Service Management for our clients. We consistently ensure that our clients can realize cost and performance benefits quickly and easily. Through our combined efforts, we have successfully implemented ServiceNow more than 4,000 times.

To help your organization attain success throughout the entire Service Management process we combine practical experience with technology-enabled tools and services. We are convinced that successful transformation is based on decisiveness, dedication and teamwork. We design, build and support world class IT and Business Service Management systems and processes. And are recognized by our customers and major suppliers as one of the leading groups for Service Management professionals globally.

Due to our extensive portfolio and expertise we are a trusted partner to some of the world’s most respected organizations. Including Coca Cola, ABN AMRO Bank, ING, Akzo Nobel, ING and Shell, Nike, Target, Mann Investments, Amex, General Electric (GE) and Delphi.

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