How to digitize employee-centric workflows: a guide to getting started 

Jan Korlaar
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Truly employee-centric organizations provide their employees with the tools they need to succeed. Accessible, intuitive interfaces can seamlessly digitize workflows, enhancing your employees’ day-to-day office experience to ensure they can work at their best.  

If you’re looking to digitize employee-centered workflows within your organization, it’s best to start small. Working with ServiceNow ensures this is manageable, with an adaptable toolbox setup that enables you to implement phased roll-outs with calm control.  

Here, we’ll walk through detailed guidelines for initiating your digitized employee-centered workflows with ServiceNow. Prefer to read up on the key benefits of leveraging ServiceNow to enhance your employee experience first? You can explore more here.  


1. Take time to develop a knowledge base for your employees  

One of the most beneficial aspects of ServiceNow is its capacity to house an evolving knowledge base that your employees can access anytime, anywhere. But availability and accessibility isn’t enough by itself. To effectively enhance their workplace experience, your content also needs to be truly useful for your employees. 

Even highly intuitive organizational portals won’t have their intended positive impact if they can’t persuade your employees to self-serve and self-solve with highly compelling and relevant content. 

For DXC FM Application founder Jan Korlaar, well-timed and clear information is particularly vital for moving back into a hybrid work from home / work from the office routine. “The move towards working remotely is a longer-term trend that was hugely accelerated by Covid-19. As employers look ahead, they need to provide digitized solutions that empower their workforce to plan changing locations easily and effectively.” 

“Going into the office will be more for collaborative work, and employees need to see where and when they can access the office, reserve a space, and make changes in just a few clicks — preferably, all via mobile. ServiceNow provides a comprehensive toolbox that enables this, which can be configured to suit each organization’s unique setup. It also enables employers to ensure ongoing maximum capacity guidelines are followed throughout their locations.”  


2. Opt for phased roll-outs to enhance employee experience in stages 

Overloading your employees with too much change at once is a recipe for them to reject your new digitizations as too much, and too complex. It’s best to start with a single pilot project to prove the strategy, before diving into a wider roll-out.  

“Especially when we digitize FM, we often recommend that our clients start out with one pilot building or country — perhaps the location where we can make the greatest positive impact by moving bookings, catering, cleaning, and maintenance onto one unified platform,” explains DXC’s Jan Korlaar.  

“Phased digitizations allow us to introduce an agile approach for enhancing employee experience, adapting responsively as we move from one phase to the next. A successful pilot also proves to the client’s organization at large that a full-scale digitization project is the correct route ahead. This safeguards buy-in and funding for their wider transition.” 

As a platform, ServiceNow also helps to make sense of the myriad software options available for enhancing employee experience within your workplace. If you’re struggling to weigh up your options effectively, find out more about cutting through the noise with ServiceNow here.  


3. Cultivate bidirectional support for employee-centered digitization 

Digitizing workflows to effectively enhance your employee experience is a delicate task. It involves multiple departments and work areas coming together in sync, including FM, HR, IT, and Legal, alongside strategic investment in the technology required to bring it all together.  

To see the project through, you’ll need to ensure buy-in throughout your organization: from the C-Level executives overseeing the roll-out, to your employees who are using the newly digitized workflows.  

“Effective change management is crucial when introducing digitized workflows,” says DXC’s Jan Korlaar. “To bring employees and senior decision-makers on board, it helps if the new digitized interface itself is primed for usability. With ServiceNow, we can provide visually appealing tools that are easy to understand, which helps to encourage instant adoption.” 

It’s also wise to nurture an internal community of change agents who’ll act as enthusiastic advocates for your digitization project. This group can clarify doubts and address any reservations their fellow employees might have, while disseminating the new expected behaviors throughout your workplace. 


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4. Collaborate with an experienced employee experience digitization partner 

Joining forces with a consultancy such as DXC grants you access to in-depth change management and industry know-how. This is a vital support system for both the development and deployment stages of leveraging digitization to enhance your employees’ daily work.   

At DXC, we combine years of experience with exposure to a broad set of clients across various industries. This puts us in an ideal position to share our in-house knowledge — as well as the skills within our ecosystem of alliances — to provide you with tailored solutions to enhance your employee experience. 

Keen to start digitizing your workplace? To ensure a smooth roll-out, read up on common roadblocks to avoid here.  


Outline clear steps to employee-centered digitization with ServiceNow 

Enhancing employee experience within your organization can turn from pipe dream to reality in just a few carefully planned phases. Using ServiceNow as your toolbox, creating tailored digitized workflows has never been simpler. 

To find out more about how ServiceNow can enhance your employee experience, you can download our whitepaper Enhanced employee experience: the key to a successful workplace here.  

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