Key Takeaways from ServiceNow Knowledge '24: Innovations and Insights

David Kliffen
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The yearly ServiceNow event in Las Vegas, Knowledge, is the place to be to learn more about (upcoming) features of ServiceNow and how other customers utilize the ServiceNow platform. This was my third Knowledge, but every time, I was amazed by the well-streamlined organization that provides visitors with breakfast, keynotes, sessions, and lunch for this three-day event. So, big compliments to the organization!
Last year, ServiceNow introduced Generative AI (Gen AI) on the platform; this year, it was about extending this capability to other platform workflows.

DXC & ServiceNow

As a Global Eliter Partner of ServiceNow, it was an honor to be a Platinum sponsor of this event. DXC had an impressive booth where customers learned more about DXC and its capabilities. We also hosted seven sessions with amazing speakers to elaborate on their experience within specific industries and Gen AI.

Event Highlights

I focused more on the new (cool) stuff in the pipeline of ServiceNow (Xanadu & Yokohama and a bit of Zurich). Let’s highlight some exciting developments within the platform that are (in the short term) available:

  • Now Assist with other workflows: Last year, Now Assist was released and is now available in other workflows: analysis summary for Alerts, creating demand via VA as a conversation, summarization in product feedback… 
  • Enhancements in Sales and Order Management: This new module has undergone significant development, such as the addition of Lead Management in Xanadu and the integration with Field Service Management in Yokohama.
  • Workspaces: Workspaces are being rebranded, the old Agent Workspace is being depreciated, SPM Workbenches (17) are being heavily consolidated into Workspaces (5), and new workspaces are being created for capabilities like On-Call and Major Incident Management. For those still working with classic forms, it is time to move towards Workspaces!
  • APM relaunch to Enterprise Architecture: Capabilities like Enterprise Modelling & Visualization (support standards like ArchiMate and BPMN) will better support the Enterprise Architect.
  • AI Search for external sources: Now Assist already provides an AI Search within the ServiceNow platform and will be extended to search within SharePoint (Q2 2024) and Confluence (Q3 2024). This will make it easier for end users to find all relevant content via a single portal.

A little further on the roadmap:

Personal AI ServiceNow

  • Personal AI: In addition to all capabilities for ticket summarization, knowledge creation, and other cool stuff, ServiceNow will introduce My Assist. This personal AI assistant for work will offer useful suggestions, gather resources, create data visualizations, and complete end-to-end workflows. 
  • Simulation Agents: The Simulation Agent will simulate an expected outcome of a new capability or recommendation (for improvement). This allows you to prioritize certain activities from the time it takes to implement these changes versus the expected outcome (value) for your organization, before actually building it! 
  • Now Assist new input type: picture: Brainstormed with your team on a process and designed this flow on a whiteboard. Take a picture and create a playbook based on that picture. Once designed, there is no more need to ‘rebuild’ this on your platform; just upload a picture.

Of course, I saw a lot more exciting features that are presented, but I need to be selective…:)

One final note. We see many developments around AI to make work easier, faster, and more consistent. But always remember that AI is built based on data that already took place or that already exists. It looks at specific patterns and other logic, but it will not replace people for our creative thinking. Use AI to support your employees to execute tasks more easily by telling the AI, in natural language, what to do so that these employees can get their hands (and, more importantly, their minds!) free to work on creative and more business value-adding activities.

Want to know more about Knowledge ’24 or what DXC can do for you? 

Feel free to reach out, and we will arrange the coffee! 

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