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Donny Snoeij
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power of fulfilment processes
Creating Fulfilment Processes in ServiceNow - with all the approval conditions that come with it - is no one’s favourite task. It’s manual, clunky and time-zapping. But it needs to be done.

What if we said there’s a solution that makes configuring even complex Fulfilment Processes easy? One that goes so far as eliminating complex fulfilment creation or maintenance. Well, spoiler alert: there is. 


Meet the Codeless Catalog Automation app

The CCA app is focused on request fulfilment. That covers any step that needs to be done when an end-user requests something inside your service catalogue, whether that’s an action within an iPhone or an onboarding request. 
The ‘automation’ in the name gives it somewhat away. It’s designed to make fulfilling requests smarter, making your life easier in the process. Let’s take a look through some of the features of the CCA app and how they can help you optimise request fulfilment. 


1. Configure in 5 minutes

The app creates action plans that are reusable, consist of steps and - crucially - can be created within just five minutes. You don’t need to be a coding wizard to create actions either. 80-90% of actions are just click and configure. The last 10% is scripting, so you have the possibility to create more complex solutions when needed.

2. Track 24/7

Multiple steps needed? Maximise 24/7 live tracking of action steps. Whenever an action is needed and created - such as an approval being requested - you can check the status of that any hour, any day and see if it’s being picked up, skipped, or if there are issues.

3. Adapt and amend with ease

Previously making a small change to a task has been very hard to do as it would cause a knock-on effect for other tickets. But with the CCA app, you can configure items without impacting live tickets. You can also combine the action plans for catalogue items.

4. Schedule at your convenience

No need to keep going in to re-setup regular actions. If you’ve got a catalogue item that happens on a monthly basis, for example, schedule it to be created automatically. Just enter the inputs and variables that you want and the condition: daily, weekly or monthly. 

5. Fulfilment with delay

Come catalogue items, such as offboarding, require the fulfilment to wait until the exact date. Of course, once you’re notified of an offboarding request, you don’t want to action it at that moment, rather at the end of the month. CCA can hold your request until a specific date or time and then continue with the fulfilment.

Making complex fulfilment easier

These universal features may well already have you convinced and ready to commit to the CCA app. But it’s worth noting when there are additional sophisticated features for different types of tasks too.
Such as condition-based approvals, where the app enables the configuration of a condition based on the Request Item. Or conditional tasks - think about a task that only needs to be created when a user has selected an expensive laptop. The app utilises the power of the conditions-based mechanism to make this possible. 
In truth, the Codeless Catalog Automation app is evolving and updating regularly - based on new demands and customer requests. Our goal is for CCA to automate more and more processes, so you can slowly say goodbye to manual work.
To see what the app can do for you, request a live demo. A consultant will also be on hand to answer any specific questions you have about CCA’s capabilities. Read more about the CCA app:

Read more about the CCA app

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