How to master ESG data reporting and management

Rik Burgering
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How to master ESG reporting and data challenges

Many sectors are feeling the pressure of increasing ESG data management demands — and financial services especially. Many challenges exist: unclear ESG data, not optimized reporting frameworks, and difficulties in sharing ESG data.

Ultimately, the objective of your ESG data management is to offer the best reporting and insights you can. To regulators, customers, and supply chain partners alike. Here, look at how smart, effective tooling can support these efforts.

Key considerations for mastering ESG data reporting and management

  • Enable continuous ESG data management
  • Standardize ESG reporting frameworks for usable outcomes
  • Ensure ESG data and analytics are recent, relevant, correct, and complete
  • Configure ESG data management once, fine-tune continuously

Enable continuous ESG data management

Ideally, your ESG reporting frameworks will enable constant, consistent data collection and analytics. From upstream and downstream around your financial services organization, across business units and hierarchies.
With a reliable reporting engine, you can gather a full ESG picture for your organization. ServiceNow makes the structured ESG data collection easier. You can validate and display quantitative and qualitative data from multiple sources. You can also monitor performance with ease, ensuring regular progress tracking against ESG objectives across your enterprise.


Standardize ESG reporting frameworks for usable outcomes

For useful output, your ESG data-gathering will need to adhere to agreed-upon definitions. These can be within your company, involving measurements and worldwide locations, and in line with your ESG plan. They’ll also need to align with applicable external standards.

ServiceNow has an automated disclosure feature. This feature keeps you informed across your organization. It provides streamlined reporting on standards and regulations such as SASB, TCFD, and CSRD.


Ensure ESG data and analytics are recent, relevant, correct, and complete

By streamlining data collection with ServiceNow, you can automatically collect and verify data to ensure disclosure reliability and readiness. It will give one reliable place for your finance team to find information on ESG and sustainability.

You can see your ESG story easily and quickly, without worrying about managing the data. This gives you more time to understand and use the information to improve your organization's ESG policy.


Configure ESG data management once, finetune continuously

At DXC, we use ServiceNow to manage our own ESG data management and reporting. Like financial services organizations, we also have a large digital footprint. We understand the challenges you face with ESG data management and can help you avoid common mistakes.

Here at DXC, we have a collection of ESG data tools that follow the standards for annual reporting.

  1. We provide these tools to help organizations quickly improve their ESG data and analytical methods.
  2. We support you to roll them out across your business units, teams, locations, and reporting aspects.
  3. With manageable approaches, for tangible outputs.


Master ESG reporting and management with ServiceNow

Selecting the appropriate ESG tooling or software is of utmost importance. Good ESG management and reporting tooling should possess

  1. User-friendliness
  2. Extensive coverage
  3. Seamless data integration
  4. Adaptability to customized requirements
  5. Flexibility in accommodating shifts in ESG reporting standards and regulations
  6. Scalability

These qualities are indispensable. This is why we suggest ESG management with ServiceNow.

With ESG data management in ServiceNow, you’ll be primed to improve your organization’s ESG program with easy data collection, on-demand progress monitoring, and minimal reporting.

To explore the potential for your business, contact us at DXC ServiceNow Business Group for an introductory call.

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