Federal Public Health Service Belgium

The Belgian Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment switched to ServiceNow, increasing speed and functionality. Within months after implementation around 200 improvements were made, 80% of them without having to involve Fruition Partners.

FPHS – Freedom of operation

“Thanks to Fruition Partners and ServiceNow, we have a state-of-the-art Service Management environment that will be able to grow with us without any difficulty in the years ahead. That’s exactly what we were looking for.”

Marc Heyvaert, Project Manager

Federal Public Health Service

In Belgium too there is growing interest in the ServiceNow SaaS solution. Fruition Partners, for example, used it to help the Federal Public Health Service improve the quality of its internal IT services. Project Manager Marc Heyvaert explains the benefits of choosing ServiceNow and Fruition Partners for his organisation. “We’d been using HP Service Desk for eight years, particularly Incident Management and the CMDB,” Marc explains. “We also had a separate user portal for certain groups of users. When HP stopped developing HP Service Desk, we faced the choice of whether or not to switch to HP Service Manager. Ultimately we decided not to, because the package is somewhat too heavy and complex for an organisation with 1,600 employees and 70 tool users.

Growth ambition

We decided to look for a simple, not overly expensive solution that could be implemented rapidly and would be futureproof for our organisation. It’s true that we were only using Incident Management and the CMDB, but our aim even then was gradually to add more functionality and ultimately to support all processes in IT. The new tool had to meet this need and in no way impede our growth ambition.

Mature SaaS tool

After sending out a request for quotation to 10 suppliers we drew up a shortlist, which included ServiceNow. We ultimately chose ServiceNow because on closer examination it proved to be the most innovative solution. It’s a very mature SaaS tool, and what’s more it works faster than a package running locally. You never feel you’re working on a hosted platform. Upgrades take place overnight, for example, and run very smoothly.

Solid profiles

Fruition Partners was also the right choice. That was immediately evident from the CVs we obtained for the professionals they planned to deploy. Each of them had a solid profile, demonstrating that Fruition Partners had consultants who understood their profession. Just as importantly, these experts were able to work well with our people. They tackled the process support energetically and at key times saved us from ‘dead-end’ decisions.


In the first phase we started with Incident Management, Request Management, the CMDB for end-users and the Self-Service Portal. That job was done in four months and 28 man-days, including implementation of the processes, training and migrating data from the old environment. I think that’s pretty impressive. Fruition Partners’s iterative approach with workshops is very effective and also more contemporary. The conventional waterfall method doesn’t lend itself to this type of implementation, because it precludes the flexibility and progressive insight that you gain as the project advances.

Freedom of operation

In addition to the tremendous speed of ServiceNow I’m particularly pleased with its functionality. Since we started using the product we’ve already made around 200 improvements, 80% of them without having to involve the Fruition Partners professionals. That shows that you can configure the tool yourself without knowledge of the source code and therefore genuinely keep control of the ITSM environment. For example, we can add fields, create workflows and set authorisations. That freedom of operation came as a pleasant surprise to us, because the same can’t always be said of other solutions. As a result of that flexibility we’ve also been able to optimise and simplify the internal processes, including for first- and second-line support personnel. Thanks to Fruition Partners and ServiceNow, we have a state-of-the-art service management environment that will be able to grow with us without any difficulty in the years ahead. That’s exactly what we were looking for.”

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