In view of rapid growth and assisted by Fruition Partners, Obvion professionalised its ITSM environment dramatically, with a rapid implementation of ServiceNow.

ITSM solution with a conscience

“We quickly became enthusiastic after an initial meeting with Fruition Partners and ServiceNow. They are real ITSM professionals and ServiceNow is a mature solution that is also very user-friendly.”

Ronald Wetzels Manager Information Management

Obvion chooses ServiceNow

Obvion is a modern mortgage lender working with independent advisors. The company was established in 2002 as a joint venture between Rabobank and ABP. Obvion has its head office in Heerlen, where 350 employees do everything to provide clients with sound, suitable mortgages: ‘Mortgages with a Conscience’. Ronald Wetzels is the Manager of Information Management at Obvion, and provides leadership to 13 IT professionals. They recently started working with ServiceNow, a popular ITSM (IT Service Management) SaaS solution (Software as a Service), which was implemented by Fruition Partners.

Saas Solution

It started in April 2011 after an EDP audit revealed the Obvion ITSM was ready for improvement. “This was no great surprise,” says Ronald. “At the time we were using a lot of processes but still didn’t have a full ITSM tool. We were working with ‘Issue Tracker’, a ‘flat’ registration tool without any links between the various IT Service Management processes. It had worked fine until then, but as a growing organisation it was time to take a big step forward towards improved professionalism. And because we at Obvion have outsourced a large part of our IT, so we can concentrate mainly on providing direction, opting for a SaaS solution was a logical choice for us. There’s nothing wrong with other solutions, but SaaS is more affordable in terms of maintenance and management, and it works just as well as a local solution. Sometimes you have to dare to let go if you want to stay in control. Every man to his trade, and we are directors. This helps us stay flexible.”

More professional

“We quickly became enthusiastic after an initial meeting with Fruition Partners and ServiceNow. We held some more discussions with other parties too, but they weren’t as smooth as with Fruition Partners. They are true ITSM professionals and ServiceNow is a mature and very user-friendly solution, which I think is very important because users have to be involved in the change process. Having a good, manageable tool helps this, and they are all happy with the solution. It’s exactly what we needed. Issues such as Change Management and Release Management are now properly integrated and authorisations are managed better too. Service provision to the organisation has improved considerably, and we can demonstrate this with monthly reports. It’s all a lot more professional and that’s being noticed.”

Fast implementation

“Another advantage of ServiceNow is that the solution is implemented quickly. We didn’t need to set up any large projects. Its introduction was simply achieved as a matter of course. It was a classic case of renovation while the shop stayed open. This sometimes resulted in a little bit more work but the team was able to cope with it well. We started in April 2011, and were completely ready in October 2011. I think that’s worth a big compliment, to both Fruition Partners and my team. Obvion stands for ‘Mortgages with a Conscience’. Now we’ve got an IT Service Management SaaS solution with a conscience too. So all in all we are more than satisfied”.

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