Terberg Group

The Terberg Group chooses for transparency in performance and costs. They now let ServiceNow support the ITIL proces, implemented by DXC Technology ServiceNow Practice.

Transparency in performance and costs

For over 150 years the Royal Terberg Group businesses have been driven to offer the best of the best to the global specialised vehicle market. With twenty-eight operating companies in twelve countries and a turnover of one billion euros, it is one of the biggest independent suppliers of specialised vehicles, from terminal trucks to cars, from modifications to brand new vehicles. Furthermore, the Royal Terberg Group always puts its emphasis on innovation, transformation and creating value.

In the IT-organisation there are about 45 professionals employed who provide work-related support to the 3000 employees in all different kinds of countries. Recently Topdesk was replaced by ServiceNow, to support the ITIL processes. This was done by DXC Technology ServiceNow Practice, as it was commissioned by IT-manager Marco de Hair. Marco explains why.

“What I liked about the cooperation with DXC Technology is their practical attitude and approach. Real hands-on professionals that know ServiceNow inside and out and are very committed to produce the best possible solution.” 

Marco de Hair, IT manager Terberg

Motion towards the Cloud

‘We don’t have a rigid ‘Cloud First’-strategy here, but we do strive to at least transfer the process supporting software to the Cloud using SaaS-resolutions. For example, we already work with Office 365 and we are currently busy working on implementations of Dynamics365 and Dynamics CRM. Furthermore, we also wanted to make this motion towards the Cloud for our ITSM program. And that’s where you end up at ServiceNow, because that environment is built from a SaaS-philosophy and that is clearly noticeable in the functionality that it offers. Service Now positions itself as the second strategic package for businesses besides Microsoft, and has already got connections to Azure and Microsoft. That connects perfectly to our ambitions and our working methods. At the end of 2018 we had already made the decision for Service Now, but we are a significantly fast growing business and because of take-overs we had our hands full with integrations of several IT-systems. Because of this everything took a little longer, but at the end of 2019 we eventually went live after a very good preparation.


Initially we made the decision for a ‘one-to-one’ conversion to ServiceNow. This means that the focus was on the primary ITIL-processes such as incident, Problem, Change and of course the CMDB as a foundation of the entire IT-administration. And immediately you notice the many benefits of a SaaS-solution such as ServiceNow. You can access it from wherever you like, there is a vast amount of standard functionality available and the dashboards are very pleasurable/enjoyable for many different types of professionals. They are making several aspects of our business insightful, such as the projects we work on, the way we perform in regards to the SLA’s and perhaps most importantly: how much we spend and for whom.

Those things are often not transparent in IT-environments. However we have made our environment completely transparent now, which is beneficial for decision making, the allocation of costs and charging the right businessline. We know what we spend our money on. On that regard we have also introduced the TBM-value management methodology, to expand that transparency in IT-costs, -consumptions and performance. This makes the decision making a lot easier. Because you always know where you are standing.


The ServiceNow portal is also very good for end users. With the portal they can handle a lot more IT-issues on their own. However we did need to support them in this process with several sessions and communication. End users are used to a high level of service. By doing it themselves this level can improve even more, but that will obviously require a lot of focus/attention on communication and Management of Change. We have paid a lot of attention to those aspects and you can now clearly see the change in behaviour. Things take time sometimes.

What I liked about the cooperation with DXC Technology is their practical attitude and approach. They are real hands-on professionals that know Service Now inside and out and they are very committed to produce the best possible solution. Because of that the collaboration with my own team went very smoothly.

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