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The key to profitability? Satisfied employees

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Create a frictionless employee experience 

The key to profitability? Satisfied employees

Keeping your workforce as happy as your customers is no longer just a nice-to-have; it’s a business make or break. At DXC, we work to empower your people to perform at their best, through attractive online and offline work environments, rapid-response HR and intuitive IT. How? With intelligent automated workflows that give your employees the tools they need to organize their work independently. Key to creating a sense of real ownership, purpose and pride in everyday activities, automation is the best kept secret of the optimal employee experience.
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Use cases for enhancing your employee experience


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Facility Management, upgraded

A positive, collaborative work environment is vital to attract, recruit, and retain top talent. Modern, adaptive FM transforms your buildings into your top marketing tool, enabling personalized workplace experiences suited to individual workflows and hybrid schedules.

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21st-century HR, seamlessly delivered

Outdated HR is a surefire way to make employees feel underserved, and undervalued. Hand control back to your workforce with intuitive self-serve portals, while reducing the workload for HR representatives. Make your modernized HR an employee touchpoint to be proud of.

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Complex IT, simplified

Save time and resources by enhancing ease of use across your IT systems. Seamlessly integrate apps, tools, and devices to break down legacy silos. Increase efficiency with automated IT support, and effectively protect Intellectual Property and data with embedded security.

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Key employee experience friction points

Roadblocks caused by a lack of information

1120857_imagesdxcstyle_icon1There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you should be able to easily perform a task, or resolve a minor issue, but being unable to find the clues you need to make it happen. Providing accessible, easy to understand information is a key step in boosting active workforce engagement, and creating a more rewarding employee experience.

The information’s there, but in practice it’s an impossible task

frustration-in-processComprehensive information alone isn’t enough; it needs to be easy to implement, too. Take HR onboarding, or booking a meeting room. If it’s a complex and time-consuming process to complete these simple tasks, it’ll leave a bad taste in your (new) employees’ mouths. Seamless, human-centric processes are essential.

There’s no help available, or no easy way to get it

how-to-contactIf your employees are tackling an interface that keeps crashing, or can’t figure out which credentials to use, quick assistance is vital for saving the day. Automating help desks and creating easy-access knowledge banks empowers employees to solve their own setbacks.

Complex, confusing policies and procedures cause headaches

policy-proceduresModern life has reduced our attention spans. Now, people simply don’t read as much as they used to, and that goes for your employees as well. If your policy and procedure documents are in outdated, chunky formats, your workforce is unlikely to easily understand (or even read!) them. Modernization is key to generate active buy-in, leading to improved employee experience.

Not being able to track requests

statusIf employees submit a request or enter a digital process in the workplace, not knowing where they stand, or how long delays are likely to last, is a recipe for disengagement. Clear, updated visibility on the status of requests is crucial to keeping the employee experience on the right track.

Uncertainty feeds frustration

statusIt’s a feeling we all recognize: there’s pressure to get things done, but every avenue you take seems to lead you right back to square one. Effective automation enhances the speed at which employees can execute their work and self-solve, generating satisfaction through measurable progress.




Designing a frictionless employee experience

Today’s employees expect a lot from their workplace environment — just as they should. Given the shift to the hybrid workplace, it’s more important than ever to ensure your organization’s digital solutions consistently put the employee experience first, anywhere and anytime. Put clunky, risk-prone legacy systems, manual work overloads and faceless HR firmly in the past. Pave a workplace of the future that saves employees time, effort and stress with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow delivers the right digital experience, from anywhere

✓ Ensures business continuity, even in uncertain circumstances

Streamlined digital workflows ensure your employees can maintain engagement with their work, even when normal office life isn’t possible. ServiceNow empowers you to provide your employees with the tools, resources, and support channels they need, no matter where they’re based. This is vital to maintaining engagement, productivity, and a crucial sense of normalcy in periods of change.

✓ Coordinates actions across IT, HR, FM, and Legal

Breaking down barriers to productivity will kickstart a revolution in driving coordinated, effective actions within and across your departments. Hand your top talent the tools to take action, and see the results take root. Now that’s a rewarding employee experience.

✓ Prioritizes a mobile-first experience

The modern worker isn’t tied to a desk all day. For optimal ease and effectiveness, employees need access to crucial information whenever and wherever. With ServiceNow, you can ensure a consistent, easy to use digital interface that puts a mobile-first spin on your employee experience.

✓ Improves employee experience for service agents

With ServiceNow, enhanced employee experience applies to the problem-solvers, too! By implementing strategic automations, your service teams can ensure a timely, consistent, and consumer-like approach, keeping your wider workforce happier than ever.

✓ Ensures a unified service experience

Whatever the differences in queries per department, ServiceNow’s wide range of integrations means every employee can access a streamlined, accessible digital environment.

✓ Creates a single platform for all departments

Your departmental service teams maintain their specific knowledge, but interdepartmental workflows are straightforward with ServiceNow. Employees can access all the help and information they need across FM, IT, HR, and Legal, in the same intuitive digital space.

✓ Boosts productivity, workforce-wide

A top quality employee experience leads to energized, motivated employees. Modernizing manual, siloed service processes with automation and handy digital workflows enables your workers to get more done, while feeling all the more respected and rewarded.


Key benefits of ServiceNow for enhancing the employee experience

✓ Hide complexity

All the complex integrations you require, but kept firmly behind the scenes. Create an employee experience centered around clear-cut, intuitive portals for highly efficient interactions.

✓ Legacy doesn’t mean obsolete

Fighting system inefficiencies? There’s no need to restart from scratch. ServiceNow combines action and management to devise unified, compatible multi-system workflows.

✓ Frictionless interface

Create a one-stop shop for employee needs. Craft a personalized digital workplace experience, and level up interactions across company and corporate services.

✓ Empower employees

Hand your employees the tools they need to independently organize their work, easily locate information and avoid frustrating roadblocks. Increased control leads to increased satisfaction.

✓ Turbocharge efficiency

Instead of getting caught up in admin and logistics, your employees can focus on getting what needs doing, done. Automate, optimize, and remove organizational hurdles, from start to finish.

✓ Free up HR Enable

HR self-service with easy-access information in employee-centric portals. Keep top talent satisfied, and allow HR to prioritize low-volume, high-value queries.

✓ Optimize value potential

Each of your employees contributes intrinsic value; value that’s key for your organizational health. Streamline and unblock their workflows, and see that value show its true worth.

✓ Boost ROI

Unified digital workflows drive engagement, enhancing both employee experience and profitability. Achieve measurable enhancements company-wide with ServiceNow!

Happy employees and less pressure on facility management? Ask James the facility master that will help you.

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