IT transformation readiness check

Find out if your IT strategy is aligned to your current IT transformation program with our IT transformation readiness check. Quick and easy to complete, you’ll share your current IT transformation status with us across 2 sections:

Section 1: Do you need to transform your IT operating model?

We’ll first explore the dynamics at play in your IT organization. Are you feeling the pressure to deliver better value, move faster, and reduce costs and risks? Or perhaps effectively managing increasing services, vendors, releases, and security challenges is front of mind?

Section 2: Are you ready for this transformation journey?

Next, we gauge your level of preparedness for IT transformation. Exploring the evolution of your vision for your target IT operating model, as well as defining your organization’s refreshed teams, roles, and responsibilities. We’ll additionally look into:
  • IT processes and value streams (both end-to-end and how they interlink)
  • IT tooling inventory and management
  • Transformation strategy and blueprinting
  • Justifying IT management investments
  • Clarifying ownership, data management, and your transformation roadmap

With our IT transformation readiness check, you’ll take control of your current scenario — and map your next steps to transformation success.

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