DXC ServiceNow Practice Launches Ask James

Nally de Waal
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In 2017, the first version of our Facilities Management App was launched with the name FMA. Over the years, together with various customers, the product has been further developed into a mature application that fully automates and supports various capabilities and facility processes. The development of the product has always been done from the point of view that the person/employee is central.

Ask James, The Facility Master

As of December 1, the re-branding of the FMA app is a fact. With great pride we share with the world that our beautiful product will be called Ask James from now on. Ask James is an innovative application for unburdening supporting business processes.

For example, Ask James helps to transform facilities departments by providing insight into data and usage of facilities. Think of catering, room reservations, parking, preventive maintenance and vendor management.

Ask James provides insight into how people work, meet, relax and move from a to b. In doing so, Ask James puts people first and takes the burden off the facilities department. And not unimportantly, you are the owner of all this data.

Ask James is developed on the ServiceNow platform, which has the advantage that integration with other support services such as HR, IT, Finance, Legal etc. is a standard. All available data in the same platform offers huge opportunities.

Ask James offers you the insights and tools to organize your support services more efficiently, resulting in considerable savings potential.


Ask James, an application from DXC Technology

Ask James is developed by DXC Technology and runs on the powerful ServiceNow platform. Ask James is a ServiceNow certified application available through the ServiceNow Store.

With Ask James, DXC Technology has an application to support the global business service transformation of organizations on several areas. Ask James contributes to productivity and enhances the employee experience.


Happy employees and less pressure on facility management? Ask James the facility master that will help you.


After reading this post, do you have questions about Ask James or are you curious about how Ask James works? Visit the website and find out what Ask James can do for your organization.



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