Why ServiceNow is the perfect platform for Integrated Workplace Management Systems

Coen de Frel
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ServiceNow might already be a familiar name within your organization — but have you ever considered its potential for transforming your workplace into a data-driven, streamlined, and employee-centric haven?

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is what you need to reach that goal. One user-friendly, centralized hub that your employees can rely on to solve any workplace-related tasks, questions, or issues. A hub that also gathers data on the full range of facility management for your premises, from the soft services that employees interact with directly to the hard services behind the scenes.

ServiceNow provides a flexible foundation to build your company’s IWMS. With ServiceNow, you can tailor your IWMS to suit your organizational needs, integrate your existing systems, prioritize employee comfort, and create a smart, data-driven working environment. For Facility Managers, all that’s a serious advantage.

1. Easy customization to suit your company’s specific needs

One of the key plus points of ServiceNow is that it enables end users to customize freely. This means the ServiceNow experts within your company can adapt each of its IWMS functionalities to meet your organizational requirements — from ambient temperature preferences to specific security and access protocols.

Across soft and hard services, the ability to fully customize your IWMS is a game changer. It allows you to create precisely the global view of facility management (FM) data that your company needs. This supports your organization to comply with sustainability reporting requirements, streamline employee parking, preventively maintain air conditioning units, and anything else you might need.

What’s more, you can strike the perfect balance between receiving periodic backend updates directly from ServiceNow and knowing your in-house ServiceNow expert is managing the day-to-day.


Happy employees and less pressure on facility management? Ask James the facility master that will help you.

2. Flexible integrations with your other workplace systems

With ServiceNow as the foundation of your IWMS, you’ll be set up to interlink all the systems your employees interact with on a daily basis. HR, IT, Finance, and Legal can now be combined behind a single user-friendly interface.

This means employees no longer lose time working out how and where they should log their request before they even manage to input it. That’s a recipe for a smoother, frustration-free work day that liberates your employees to focus on truly value-adding work.

3. Put employee safety and reduced environmental impact first

By integrating all their company data in one solid and reliable location, Facility Managers are also well-positioned to monitor health, safety, and sustainability in their workplace.

With an IWMS supported by ServiceNow, you can compile and cross-reference data on everything from the number of air conditioning units you have to which employees book which workspaces, and when. Logically, this level of detail is particularly useful in the context of Covid-19, where ventilation and contact tracing are paramount.

From a sustainability viewpoint, gathering accurate data on energy consumption enables you to proactively strategize to meet corporate sustainability goals. You can dive into detail, assessing energy consumption per country, per year, and per quarter.

This empowers you to identify areas where you can cut both energy consumption and energy bills, streamlining your FM spending while better protecting the environment.

4. Integrate IOT sensor data

Looking ahead, leading IWMS solutions, like ASK James, will increasingly aim to integrate IOT sensor data from modern workplaces. This will further enhance organizations’ ability to create truly employee-centric working environments, facilitating ease of use wherever possible.

For example, imagine if the security cameras focused on entrance points to the restaurants on your company campus could serve a dual function. Smart cameras could track the footfall into each restaurant area and feed back live to your internal employee interface.

That way, when employees view the restaurant menu before deciding where to go for lunch, they’ll also be able to view how busy the restaurant is. If it’s 90% full at 12pm, they’ll know to wait half an hour until it quietens down. They’ll avoid a queue, ensure a better service experience, and ultimately use their time more productively.

Enter a new era of workplace management with ServiceNow

With integration and customization at its core, ServiceNow is designed to support an IWMS that’s flexible, adaptable, and comprehensive enough to serve your organization — now and in the future.

Want to know more? Download the Buyer Guide: The ultimate guide to selecting your Integrated Workplace Management System, free of charge.

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