People first: How Ask James helps to create an employee-centric workplace?

Coen de Frel
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People first: How Ask James fulfills this promise as an Integrated Workplace Management System

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMSs) are the latest in Facility Management (FM) software solutions. Now, anyone in the FM game will know that the stakes are far higher — and more complex — than they might seem at first.

FM isn’t just about ensuring that everything from maintenance to catering is fully functional, every day. It’s also central to your organization’s ability to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive job market. With attractive salaries on offer from multiple firms, the best of the best won’t base their decision on the money alone.

Instead, they’re likely to look at how employees experience your company. What’s the day to day quality of their work life? Does the company support them in flexible, hybrid, adaptable working patterns? What added amenities are there that make this organization stand out from the rest?

In other words, you need an FM solution that puts your people first. Our answer? Ask James, the cutting-edge IWMS built on ServiceNow.

Ask James manages hard and soft FM in one, for an employee-centric workplace

Whether it’s an overheated workspace or a flickering light fitting they’re being bothered by, FM’s aim is to resolve employees’ issues as rapidly as possible. With Ask James, your people will be able to easily log requests in highly-customizable forms.

Across the FM spectrum — from plumbing to catering — you can create these forms per office location and per FM vendor. And no matter whether their need has to do with your soft or hard FM assets, the request flow is fully integrated behind one intuitive interface — on desktop and mobile. You can add flags for importance level as well, to make sure high-disruption or high-urgency issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Even better, this configuration is a straightforward process. As Ask James is a ServiceNow application, your organization’s existing ServiceNow experts will get to grips with it rapidly!

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Ask James empowers your employees to tailor their work life 

We all have our habits, don’t we? Whether at home or at work, they’re what make our individual worlds go round — for better or for worse! One of the keys to employee satisfaction is ensuring they can customize their workplace surroundings to their personal tastes.  

With Ask James’ intuitive workspace booking functionalities, you can make this a reality in your organization. Let’s say certain employees know that they’re at their most productive if they make sure they’ve got lots of natural light beaming onto their desk.   

Simply logging this preference with Ask James can make sure that their auto-assigned office workspaces are always as near a window as possible. With that simple customization, those employees will be put in a position to boost their overall mood, wellbeing, and productivity while at work. A simple change, with highly positive potential.  

Likewise, some of your employees might be particularly attached to an in-office lunch venue or coffee machine… we all know the feeling. With the ability to select a workspace that facilitates them enjoying that daily pick-me-up, they’re empowered to design their work life. This helps to generate an (un)conscious sense of comfort, control, and satisfaction, day by day.  

Prioritize employee health and safety with Ask James 

Nowadays, the ability to manage socially-distanced, hybrid work patterns is high on the FM agenda. The latest IWMSs have in-built functions to facilitate this, including:  

  • Facilitating workplace ‘hoteling’ in a mixed from-home and in-office model
    So employees can easily reserve desks and meeting spaces when needed 
  • Allocating employees or teams to specific zones within your buildings
    To maintain social ‘bubbles’  
  • Setting reservation protocols for whole zones
    Save time as you no longer need to micro-manage reservations desk by desk  
  • Integrating team planning modules
    Team leaders can manage multi-employee bookings to promote collaboration 

With Ask James, this is all possible. You can leave behind the headaches about getting maximum utility out of your floorplans, while ensuring employee safety and comfort. No more complex, manual desk mapping and easily-confused booking systems!  

Instead, both FM managers and employees themselves can take back control of those all-important spatial arrangements, via user-centric interfaces.  

For people-first FM, just Ask James 

As a ServiceNow-certified application, introducing Ask James is a simple step for companies that are already working with ServiceNow.   

To find out just how easy it is to add Ask James onto your company’s existing ServiceNow functionality, visit to schedule a demo with our team.   


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